Medas is present with its solutions and services throughout the national territory. These solutions are used in both public and private Healthcare Structures / Companies, accompanied by organizational support that allows customers to structure their processes with a high quality logic.

With regard to the conservation and teleconsultation processes, some of our Clients have obtained recognition from the ICT Healthcare Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano: Ausl Valle d’Aosta, project New organizational models on dematerialized processes; ULSS8 Berica, project From clinical dematerialization to digital management of the Patient’s Diagnostic Therapeutic path; AOU Meyer, Pediatric Teleconsultation project.

Medas actively participates in regulatory activities:

Working Group of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage for the revision and updating of health documentation, 2014

Unisincro Standard, 2010

Medas promoted the birth of the UNI commission which promulgated the UNI SINCRO standard. This standard defines the format of the Retention Volume and the Retention Index File; is the standard to which the new Technical Rules on Preservation refer, the DPCM 3/12/2013.

CNIPA Interministerial Table on Dematerialization, 2009

Participation as technical experts, on behalf of the Ministry of Health, in the Interministerial Table on Dematerialization (coordinated by CNIPA) which generated a “Proposal for technical rules on the training and storage of IT documents” (art. 71 of the CAD)

Ministry of Health Guidelines, 2007

Medas, the manufacturer of the Scryba conservation system, participated in the Commission of the Ministry of Health which created the “Guidelines for the Dematerialisation of clinical documentation in the Laboratory and in Diagnostic Imaging – Regulations and Practices”.