Consulting services

Digital transformation in healthcare, in addition to regulatory, technological and IT updates, must also be supported by consultancy services in the field of document management, archiving and compliance with data protection rules.

Medas, thanks to its direct participation in national round tables for dematerialisation in Healthcare and as an AgID Accredited Conservator, offers consulting services provided by expert archivists in the areas of digital document preservation, legislation and reference standards.

Furthermore, thanks to a team of experts in the field of Privacy, Medas offers advice on issues related to the application in health of the European General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation – EU Regulation 2016/679, supporting health facilities in processes of change.

Through seminars and workshops, Medas Consultants help healthcare facilities to seize the opportunity to adopt technical and organizational measures which, in addition to ensuring compliance with the law and reducing the risk of heavy sanctions, increase the level of safety and operational continuity, to support the growth of credibility and corporate image.