Training Service

Medas offers training services aimed at transferring knowledge of technologies and processes to support the digital workflow of data and images in healthcare. The training courses offered by the Medas School can be provided in different ways according to the Client’s needs:

  • in the classroom: at their own facilities or at premises made available by health facilities
  • webinar: interactive training event, delivered through the internet, accessible directly from your PC;
  • online tutorials using recorded videos to which interested figures will be able to access, with access via credentials.

The teachers proposed for training are Medas resources and expert consultants in the reference technological area, able to design and deliver training to all company levels, from end users who use IT solutions, up to the high levels of responsibility that they must verify. the compliance of the technical solutions adopted on the basis of company processes and legal regulations.


The Medas School methodology aims to guarantee professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness of the courses provided, through the use of tools to support the training process, such as for example clear and documented contents, verification mechanisms and learning tests and course register with all summary information regarding the course provided.