Aibibank bio banca intelligenza artificiale

Medas is part of the partnership that was awarded the funding from the Piedmont Region POR FESR 2014/2020 Action I.1b.22 for the implementation of the AIBIBANK project – Experimental digital biobank aimed at precision medicine and the development of Artificial Intelligence technologies (AI) for early diagnosis.

The project will last 24 months and is aimed at creating a technological and regulatory infrastructure (DataLake) capable of collecting and organizing medical images and clinical data in a constant and perpetual manner.

The project aims to develop a database necessary to implement Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning techniques applied to the development of innovative tools to support doctors, for the prevention of two cancer pathologies relevant for incidence and mortality, those of the breast and of the prostate.

The project will be implemented with the support of the following partner companies / entities: Health Triage (lead partner), Engineering, Lattanzio KIBS, AOU City of Health and Science of Turin and the Piedmont Foundation for Oncology of Candiolo – FPO – IRCCS.

As part of the project, Medas positions itself as a specialist in the integration of hospital systems and in the legal replacement storage of clinical documents and digital images; will specifically deal with the collection, anonymization and secure transfer of data.

Press review

May 11, 2021, Press Release, read here